John Hall m. Ellen Traynor
b. 1848
b. September 4th 1850
b. 1852
Mary Anne
b. 1854
b. 1866
b. 1871
b. 1874

John Hall was born in Macclesfield about 1829. It should be noted that the computation of John's birth year based on his age recorded in census returns is an inexact science, giving his birth year as (with the census year in brackets following) 1831 (1841); 1827 (1851); 1828 (1861); 1827 (1871); 1829 (1881); and 1825 (1891). The 1841 census entry for the family carries several iregularities, so we can probably discount that date, while it is not impossible that in old age his memory was poor relative to the date provided in 1891, or perhaps the greater degree of math required posed a problem for the census taker!

In 1861 John and Ellen Hall were living at 232 Crompton Rd, Macclesfield, but had moved to 114 Bridge Street by 1871, and 231 Bond Street by 1881. In 1861 John was listed as a "Silk Handloom Weaver", and by age 52 in 1881 had risen to the position of "Silk Weaving Manager". By 1891 John is widowed, and living next door to one Emma Seel - the same age as his daughter-in-law Elizabeth Seel's sister, Emma. Coincidence? Probably not! In what is most likely a coincidence however, in 1881, the inhabitants of what was to become Emma's house at 233 Bond Street were a family by the name of Mottershead (seemingly a different branch!). By the time of the 1901 census, John is no longer listed, so it may be a fair assumption that he had died in the interim.

Ellen was born 1829-1830, also in Macclesfield. It is not clear when she died, but it was at some point between the 1881 and 1891 census'.

Edwin and Josiah it would appear stepped outside the silk industry into insurance. In the 1881 census, Edwin is an isurance agent living at 49 New Lane, Shelby, Yorkshire, married to Sarah and with 5 children (Frederick W., 8; Thomas, 5; Mary Ann, 5; Edwin B, 3; Ernest J, 4 months); and Josiah is listed in the 1891 census as an insurance agent living at 8 Ward Street, Salford, being married to Annie (born in Macclesfield, about 1864), with a daughter Muriel, aged 8 months.

William apparently also stepped outside the silk industry, and in 1891 was listed as a "Solicitor's Clerk".

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