Harry Mottershead m. Constance Helen ("Nellie") - (née Hall)
Margaret (Peggy) Elizabeth Hall
b. Dec 22 1914
Peter Michael Hall
b. Nov 19 1926

Harry Mottershead and Contance Helen Hall's Wedding, October 21st 1912

Harry MottersheadConstance Helen Hall

Harry was a Solicitor in Manchester, Lancashire and  Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. d. 8th September 1955

Constance Helen (known as "Nellie") was the daughter of a mill owner Frederick Hall, from Macclesfield. d. 18th June 1960

Margaret (Peggy) m. Kenneth White. They had 1 daughter, Grizelda Helen Mary.

Peter Michael Hall b. 1926 was a barrister, and became QC in the Chancery division. d. 1985.

Constance Helen in her grandfather John Seel's chairJohn Seel's chair - still in the family today

The ladder-back "carver" chair seen here, is one of a set still owned by the Mottersheads. They are of interest, as the style is known as a "Macclesfield chair", and is somewhat unusual. The defining features are the slats in the back and the particular shaping of the top and front bars. Constance Helen collected six of these chairs to make up a complete set with the carver.

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