Peter Michael Hall Mottershead m. Lorna Eden (née Evans)
Joscelyn (Jos) Charles

Peter Michael Hall Mottershead

Lorna Eden (b. 1929 in Manchester) was a schoolteacher. Her father was Roderick William Evans, and her mother's maiden name was Critchlow. The Critchlow's were from Derbyshire, England.

"Jos" emigrated from Ware, Hertfordshire, England to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1981, and then on to Oklahoma, in the USA. Information about what he does can be found at the website.

Joscelyn (Jos) and Katherine Morgan, had one daughter (b. October 8th, 1983), Eden Breana Morgan. Jos, after moving to Oklahoma subsequently married Kathleen St. Martin. They have no children together.

Peter and Lorna Mottershead and Peter's sister Peggy

Jos Mottershead Hunting in Virginia, USAEden Breana Morgan

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